Life is how you look at it.
We don’t build houses, we build families. We don’t care for orphans, we care for children.
We don’t reach for glory, we reach for hands. We don’t just fill stomachs, we fill hearts. We don’t ask for help, we ask for hope.Summerhill House Philosophy

About Summerhill House

One of the simplest pleasures in life, whether you’re a parent or not is the sound of a child
laughing. That laugh is the sound of innocence, of beauty, of freedom, of happiness.

Sadly, some children are born into a life that negates any of that innocence and beauty. Their
parents are gone, they are sick, they are hungry and yet, even those children find a reason to
laugh because that’s how we’re made, with happiness born into our hearts, and hope in our

Our purpose, our goal is to create a lifeline, a home for those that want one, a family for
those that need one, because ours is a place where laughter is heard.

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