Celebrations February – 2017

Pieter Celebrated his 48th Birthday on the 13th of October on Shayamanzi 1

Patrick celebrated his 50th birthday on the weekend of 21 October on Shayamanzi 2

Ophélie celebrated her 10th Birthday on Shayamanzi 1 on 24 October

Brad celebrated his 34th birthday together with him and Lola’s 5th wedding anniversary. They are a lovely couple and we wish them many more!

Andrew celebrated his 50th on the weekend of 4 November. He became “Captain” under the guidance of Captain Adam.

Pat celebrated her birthday on Shayamanzi 2, during the weekend of 16 December.

Chris celebrated his 72 birthday on a cruise on 27 December

Val celebrated her 70th birthday on the weekend of 16 December on Shayamanzi 1.

Peter celebrated his 30th birthday on Shayamanzi 2, on the 26th of November.

Shereen celebrated her 47th birthday on a cruise on 6 January

Dave celebrated his 70th birthday on a cruise on 30 December.