"The whining reel breaks the silence as your fishing rod bends to the limit. Then the spectacular colours of a tail walking 'tiger' light up the water surface, and experience that neither the novice nor avid angler will forget."Roger Blevin

"The best freshwater game fish in Africa."
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Lake Jozini

Lake Jozini is the only water in South Africa where you find the ferocious, fighting Tiger Fish, an African game fish that thrills you as it jumps out the water, throwing its head from side to side trying to get off your line. Tackle and rods are available


The guide dresses your trace up with a fish you would have been glad to have caught back home and calls it “bait”. You ask him what size Tiger Fish he’s expecting to eat that, and he replies with a dead pan face “Don’t worry we’ll try for the larger ones this afternoon.”

The Tiger Fish

The Tiger Fish is a fierce and wild creature that demands respect from all forms of life that may happen across its path. The Tiger Fish is regarded by most as being the best freshwater game fish in Africa.