"Working in the non-profit sector is no walk in the park. We wear different hats as resources are scarce, and duties are more diverse than you could ever possibly imagine. When help is needed, everyone has to chip in to ensure that whatever needs to get done- is done; irrespective of what our job title or individual responsibilities are. The days are long and hard; and although the work is extremely fulfilling it can also be emotionally draining. Our work environment is often filled with frustration and the responsibility is overwhelming as the stakes are high. The paradox to this is transforming lives and great joy. It can sometimes be a thankless job- filled with social problems and extreme pressure. It can also be heart-breaking:- seeing the injustice, suffering, pain and neglect. A bad day in a corporate job is unlikely to resemble a bad day in a non-profit job.

Consider the difference, we don’t deal with a product or commodity- we deal daily with LIVES. So, you are probably thinking why anyone would work for a non-profit? As you’ll read from our team below, the answer to this is different and personal for every person, and yet there is a common thread- MAKING A DIFFERENCE. As a Team we have learnt so much over the past 11 years- and we continue to learn, grow and be thankful for what we have. We've learnt to persevere, to work hard, be patient and then we get up the next day to do it all again. When it comes to it, we believe by working together we are investing and building the future- for ourselves, for our children, and for our beautiful rainbow nation. Finally, we could never do this all without you. Thank you for being a part of the Summerhill Family. With HUGE gratitude"

- The Summerhill Team

Life is how you look at it. We don’t build houses, we build families. We don’t care for orphans, we care for children. We don’t reach for glory, we reach for hands. We don’t just fill stomachs, we fill hearts. We don’t ask for help, we ask for hope.Summerhill House Philosophy

About Summerhill House

One of the simplest pleasures in life, whether you’re a parent or not is the sound of a child laughing. That laugh is the sound of innocence, of beauty, of freedom, of happiness. Sadly, some children are born into a life that negates any of that innocence and beauty. Their parents are gone, they are sick, they are hungry and yet, even those children find a reason to laugh because that’s how we’re made, with happiness born into our hearts, and hope in our hands. Our purpose, our goal is to create a lifeline, a home for those that want one, a family for those that need one, because ours is a place where laughter is heard.

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