Celebrations – August 2018

The weekend of 18 May was the 2nd Bachelor’s party during the month of May. Poor Matt had no idea where he was going. We hope it was a great surprise Matt.

His mates led him down the steps to the jetty, blindfolded, and we were told that he was blindfolded and had to wear ear-muffs since 05h00 that morning!
We wish you a wonderful life as a married man!

Ellen celebrated her 39th birthday on the 16 to 18 May Per Cabin cruise, all the way from Belgium!

She caught a Tiger and steered the boat! We are so glad you enjoyed your cruise! Congratulations Ellen!

Shelagh celebrated her 80th Birthday on the weekend of 8 June on Shayamanzi I. Happy birthday Shelagh, we hope to see you again for your 85th!

Bernard & Janet celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary on the same weekend. We want to see you for the 60th as well! Congratulations! Here they are with Captain Anthony.

Ross celebrated his 42nd Birthday on the weekend of 15 June

Stefan celebrated his 43rd birthday on the weekend of 29 June.

Greg & Judy celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on the weekend of 29 June. We hope you got that Ruby, Judy! Here they are with captain Anthony.

Here they are 40 years ago!

Aboard Shayamanzi I, Sheray celebrated her 30th Birthday on the weekend of 13 July.

Brett celebrated his 50th Birthday on Shayamanzi II during the weekend of 13 July. Will you look at the size of that badge!

Santjie celebrated her 64th Birthday on 20 July on Shayamanzi 1

Mike celebrated his 56th birthday on the weekend of 27 July on Shayamanzi 1

Aboard Shayamanzi I, Gerhard and Reijo both celebrated their birthdays on a cruise during the weekend of 20 July. Reijo is all the way from Estonia

Aurora celebrated her 9th birthday on the 6 August cruise.

Women’s day was celebrated in style by Sindi & Friends