Celebrations on Shayamanzi

Lynne celebrated her birthday on 5 November on Shayamanzi I. She is all the way from Coventry, UK. Wishing you many happy years!

Jan celebrated his 52nd Birthday on 13 November on Shayamanzi I.

Craig celebrated his birthday with dad Ernie on Shayamanzi II during the 5 November Social Cruise

Justin celebrated his birthday on the 14th of November on Shayamanzi II.

Jason & Willie celebrated their birthdays on Shayamanzi II on the 17th of November.

Andrew, Sean & Jenny all celebrated their birthdays on the weekend of 23 November on Shayamanzi I.

Terence celebrated his 42nd birthday on the weekend of 30 November on Shayamanzi II.

Martin celebrated his 40th birthday on the weekend of 7 December.

Nico & Rentia celebrated their 1st wedding anniversary on Shayamanzi II on the weekend of 15 Dec 2018.

Malcolm celebrated his “Grumpy Balls” and his 45th birthday on Shayamanzi I on 19 December.

Jackie celebrated her 40th Birthday in Safari Style, on the weekend of 21 December, all the way from Australia.


Katy & Matt celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary on the Shayamanzi II’s New Year’s cruise. Here they are with Captain Alan.