Fishing Report by Scott Perry

The fishing has been extremely good the last couple of months with several hundred Tigers being caught.
The water clarity in the main dam and gorge is very clear, and was a little brown in the river as a result of some of the rain we had early December, but this has also cleared up.
The air temp has been extremely hot of late, with temperatures often climbing past 40′. This obviously means the water has warmed up nicely, which is what the Tigers like.
The water level dropped by around 4 meters vertical, due to the annual flood release for the Makatini flats. This release has also probably had a positive spin off for the fishing and water temperature.

Our cruise on Shayamanzi I 3-6 January, saw over a hundred Tigers being caught. Shayamanzi II cruise 8-11 January saw over two hundred Tigers being caught over the 3 nights. I would like to believe that this must be some sort of record. The men of these two groups both complained that the women had the magic touch and caught a lot of the fish.
The sizes of the fish being caught has also increased, with dozens weighing over the 3kg mark, and several topping 4kgs. Last year in November saw two tigers topping 7kgs being caught in the river within a space of 10 days, a 7.2kg and a 7.4kg. Unfortunately these weren’t caught with Shayamanzi, but it is very positive that fish this size are being caught .
I believe with us approaching the hottest month of the year, February, that the fishing will continue to improve.

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