‘Tis the merry month of May

On the Shayamanzi, ‘tis the merry month of May – a time when we honour our mothers and appreciate the cooler African autumn.

As with most getaways in South Africa, April (with Easter and its many public holidays) was a busy month for our Shayamanzi houseboats. That’s why May is a far more contemplative month when those who prefer to avoid the maddening holiday crowds can gather on deck, drink in the peace of the beautiful Lake Jozini and contemplate the things that matter most.

For many of us, that is people in our lives, more specifically our mothers. Although the one day that is ringed on my calendar is Mother’s Day, I tend to see that as a month long celebration.

Why don’t you plan something special for your family? The Shayamanzi is the perfect place to take time out to appreciate your loved ones – you’ll find that a few days on the water gives you that one precious thing that most of us just dream about from busy week to busy week – time to spend together. Add to that some scrumptious home cooked meals from our on board chef, time out in our on board Jacuzzi or short trips on our tender boats to experience the peace of nature whilst viewing an array of wildlife and birds and you have the perfect way to reconnect with both your family and Mother Nature!

May is for the birds …

One of our best kept secrets is that Lake Jozini and its surround is one of the most fascinating and rewarding bird watching destinations in the region with over 350 different species.

Birds regularly visit the shores of the Pongola Game Reserve which overlooks the western escarpment of the Lebombo Mountains, Lake Jozini and the endless savannah woodland of Northern Zululand. The reserve supports a vast array of species, including some that are rare in other parts of Zululand – the Burchell’s Starling, Bennett’s Woodpecker, Levaillant’s Cuckoo, Purple Roller, Magpie Shrike and Red-headed Weaver.

The beauty of a trip aboard the Shayamanzi is that you see water birds in particular, from a whole new vantage point. Interesting water birds recorded in the area include Pink-backed Pelican, Comb Duck, Lesser Moorhen, Painted Snipe, Caspian Tern, Black Coucal, Osprey, Saddle and Yellow Billed Stork and African Openbill – as well as the most iconic of African birds, the Fish Eagle.

Fun for all …

Remember that a cruise on the Shayamanzi is not just about special occasions but also about setting time aside to do the things that you enjoy most. That could include a stint of tiger fishing or even mountain biking. Now that the hot Zululand summer is a thing of the past, taking on the rugged terrain surrounding Lake Jozini on two wheels is a must.  Invite a group of your fellow bikers to join you on board and look forward to not only challenging your off road skills but also supporting conservation through the SPACE FOR ELEPHANTS FOUNDATION to which some of the funds raised by this initiative are donated.

Most importantly, plan ahead …

There’s nothing more frustrating than planning a getaway only to find out that there is no more space available!

Both boats still open weekend of 12 June – so ring up birding buddies and book a cruise, not a cabin!

Father’s day is around the corner on the 14th of June. Ring your buddies and book a cruise for the dads!

Don’t need friends or family, book on one of our Per Cabin cruises currently scheduled for this year;

  • 30 August to 1 September
  • 30 September to 1 October
  • 9 to 11 October
  • 30 October to 1 November

… and if these dates do not float your boat, give us a call and we’ll find one that does!

“A man’s work is from sun to sun, but a mother’s work is never done” – Author Unknown

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