Tiger Fishing at Jozini Dam

Captain Adam’s Fishing Report & Tips

Adam doing what he does best!

Tiger fish can swim up to 48km per hour, a strong fighting fish, with 13 teeth on the upper jaw and 13 teeth on the lower jaw.

The last month’s fishing has been very good with the biggest Tigers landed, 4.5kg. The others averaged 2.5kg. We were catching more than 15 Tigers per day but as you know, the number of Tigers you lose coming off from your hook is more than what you land. With the summer weather, it will become even better.

It is good to use sardines in summer, because the Tigers don’t take Rapallas, spinners or spoons during summer. Tigers bite better in clear water, although they still bite in dirty water by sense of smelling the sardines.

Summer is the best time to catch tigers, from September to April, but remember the average percentage of landing is 15%!

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